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The One Thing Ransomware Hackers Hate #AvagioTopTips

Avagio are happy to report that its been business as usual for our clients this morning. Despite the massive Wannacry ransomware attack over the weekend, all our clients have been protected by Avagio’s proactive Sleep Easy service. One of the key reasons for this is that we ensure their computers are fully “patched” as part… View Article

Feedback – Prize Draw #WeLoveOurCustomers Mar 2017

At Avagio, we really appreciate your feedback, and for you giving us your time, we think its only right we reward you back! Every month those who provide us with feedback will get put into a draw to win a random prize, from hampers through to experience days! For your chance to win, all you… View Article

Spam or not spam – How to tell? #AvagioTopTips

SPAM / Phishing / Malicious Emails We have all had that email that nearly tricks us! and we nearly opened it. How do you tell if your account really is locked or if you really do have to make that payment? Below is a list of steps on how to tell if its genuine or… View Article