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Top 5 Tips for Controlling Technology Addiction!

Here at Avagio, we love technology, but we like to make sure it’s enhancing  rather than controlling our lives. So here are our top tips for disconnecting, at least for a little bit:

  1. Have a ‘no technology night’ with your family. No TV, smartphones or computers.
  2. Remember when you used to read actual printed things? Treat yourself to a magazine, a book you’ve been recommended or a bit of time to read the Sunday morning newspaper.
  3. Each morning, set yourself a task you’d like to get done before you read your emails, it will help you start the day with an accomplishment.
  4. Set a certain single time each day that you are allowed to check social media. If you are tempted at any other time of the day, replace it with something else rewarding… go for a stroll, reflect on your day so far or make yourself a cup of tea.
  5. Set your work hours and stick to them. If you feel you can’t go a weekend without checking your emails, choose a specific time you will check them, rather than being on constant call!

We hope these little tips will help you enjoy the world around you as well as the wonderful world of technology!

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