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6 tips to get more out of social media pt.1

Social Media

All savvy business owners know that social media is an absolutely crucial marketing tool, and anyone not using it is definitely being left behind. But how best to harness it in your marketing campaigns?

To help you get more out of social media, here are the 5 insider tips you need to know:

1. Analyse your data
You need to take a strategic approach to social media to get the best from your efforts, and this means analysing your data. There are tools you can use to see exactly how many people have seen, shared and mentioned your tweets , which posts are more effective (these will often be those with images) and how people are generally engaging with your social media channels. With this information, you can make your social media activity far more effective and targeted to the audiences you want to reach.

2. Grow your audience
Keep an eye on who reads and shares your content, and make sure you follow them. This is one of the easiest ways to grow your network, but it’s amazing how many marketers have trouble keeping on top of it.

3. Post at specific times
A clever trick the expert marketers use is to post on Facebook or Twitter just before or after the hour. This is specifically aimed at workers checking their social networks just before or after meetings – clever, right?

For more tips on getting more from social media and maximising your marketing efforts, see part 2 of this handy guide.

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