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6 tips to get more out of social media pt.2

Social MediaSocial media is increasingly becoming the top tool of choice for marketing professionals, but many businesses still haven’t quite got the hang of it.

In part 1 of this guide, we looked at just a handful of the ways you can get more out of social media. These included:

1. Analyse data
2. Grow your audience
3. Post at the right times

Want more? Here you go…

4. Repost content multiple times, but do it right
To maximise the amount of traffic reaching a blog post, for example, you need to post links a number of times. This not only ensures that more people see it (things can easily be missed on a fast-moving platform like Twitter) but also that you catch people in different time zones. However, it’s important to put some effort into rewording the headline or tweet, whilst the URL stays the same. By re-framing tweets in this way, you avoid off-putting repetition and are able to reach different audiences.

5. Know your platform
To get the best from social media, you need to know the platforms you’re using inside out. There are lots of shortcuts, tools and other helpful things that can save time and improve the way you share content, and you need to be utilising them.

6. Avoid common (and annoying) mistakes
This one goes hand-in-hand with knowing your platforms, so you don’t make daft mistakes that can put off your audience. People can be very fickle online, and all it takes is a misjudged (or mis-spelled!) tweet to send them elsewhere.

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