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photo of Adam and Vaughan Shayler

Adam Morris, Avagio MD, (right) accepts the Comp TIA Accredit UK Trustmark+, Solutions and Support, certificate from Vaughan Shayler, Director, Channel Strategy at Comp TIA.

Comp TIA’s IT Business Trustmark is a vendor-neutral, business-level credential designed to qualify and differentiate high-calibre IT service solution providers in the UK. The Trustmark identifies the companies that demonstrate a commitment to providing top-quality IT services by following proven industry best practices. It serves as a reference to the quality of services these companies provide and the commitment each makes to their end user customers. To receive the IT Business Trustmark, an IT service organisation must agree to a code of conduct, demonstrate knowledge of best practices, and submit an application covering a detailed list of criteria.

Avagio was one of the first three IT service specialists in the UK to secure Comp TIA Accredit UK Trustmark+, Solutions and Support certification.

By the very nature of the Accredit UK Trustmark+ approach, it would be expected that many of its requirements would match or even exceed those of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. In fact over 60% of the Comp TIA Accredit UK Trustmark+ requirements are relevant to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and many of its requirements exceed those required by ISO 9001:2008.

To attain the Comp TIA IT Accredit Business Trustmark + Award Avagio was evaluated on our knowledge of best practices in IT support and service delivery and were required to provide detail and evidence about the company’s operations and processes, financial management, human resources practices and professional standards procedures.The Trustmark award was developed by the Comp TIA UK Channel Community, comprising many of the UK’s leading IT sector businesses. A member-led initiative its criteria were constructed and validated by a collaborative peer group of experienced industry professionals, working alongside Comp TIA. Comp TIA is a recognised independent authority for IT education and credentials and a primary advocate for IT businesses and workers.