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IT Services Bristol

We understand the problems you face with your IT solutions and can offer you a package tailored to your business needs. Whether you want someone to implement, manage and monitor your IT 24/7 or just need some advice, we are happy to help. See a full list of our services below.


“How Do I?” Support

Call on us if you want to know how to do things like create an Excel Pivot Table or track changes in a Word document. We want you to be more productive and work better so if there’s anyway we can help you we will.

Strategic On-Site Consultations

We provide you with strategic support so that we can help you with your business objectives. We will discuss your business future goals, challenges and changes. As part of our strategic support we will:

  • Make an analysis of your network’s trends, security, and performance. We make sure your IT is performing as it should and highlight any weaknesses or areas needing attention
  • Review your company’s goals and technology issues
  • Make recommendations for improving your IT performance
  • Make future plans and budget reviews


We can provide the necessary MS Office training (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook) with dedicated class room based training for groups of 1 to 8.

Call for advice: 0117 244 3737


Technology Sourcing Service

You don’t have the time to source the technology that your business needs which is why we will advise, source, supply and install the equipment that is right for you at competitive prices.

Data Backup and Business Continuity

We will make sure that your business is completely protected with a range of flexible data backup and business continuity solutions that will fit your business needs and budget. Whether that is simple local server recovery or fail over to a remote server farm that will have your business up and running again in an hour.

Cloud Solutions and Integration

Not sure which cloud solutions fit with your business – hosted email, security, file sharing, desktop? We will assess your infrastructure, bandwidth limitations, business model and help guide you through the myriad of choices around cloud technologies. We will also make sure they integrate properly with legacy and on premises needs and make sure they support your underlying business goals.


Strategic reviews, security assessments, project management, new infrastructure, cloud assessment and migrations.


We can provide a range of security solutions – eg antivirus, perimeter security – firewalls, data leak prevention, disk encryption etc. We will assess your security risks and concerns and recommend and implement the appropriate solutions.


We offer a WEEE certified, environmentally friendly recycling service.  We can also offer secure data wiping and destruction to DOD Level 5 standards.


Avagio telephony can lower costs, empower remote offices and home workers or increase your bottom line through cloud telephony solutions.


Avagio can deliver the cost efficiencies, speed and robustness of copier solutions but with the built in class leading service that you’re not used to receiving with your copier company. Imagine, one support number and no longer feeling piggy in the middle next time your copier company says it’s an IT problem.

Call for solutions: 0117 244 3737


24/7 Remote Monitoring

With sophisticated tools we know if you are experiencing any network problems or are about to. (Typically, we call a client about an Internet drop before they even know it’s happened). This can also help in predicting future problems and provide you with a fantastic response service making your business more productive.

Daily Back Up Monitoring

Back Ups are critical for any business and need to be monitored every day. Often we find clients think backups are working when the reality is very different.

Reporting Pack

•    Weekly snapshot report
•    Monthly management report

Reporting is invaluable. We believe in total transparency and so like to tell you what we’ve been doing on your behalf. Reporting also helps in identifying trends or issues that need attention.

User Administration

We look after your users accounts:
•    Adding new users and making sure everything is working
•    Managing passwords
•    Removing users and dealing with them after they leave such as redirecting emails etc.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Cleaning your system from viruses and spyware is challenging and time consuming. Most IT Support companies don’t include this service – we do.

Software Patch Updates

Software is always being updated as bugs are fixed and security issues are addressed. As part of our service we make sure that everything is up-to-date and running as it should be.

Vendor Liaison & Support for 3rd Party Applications

You don’t want to be wasting your time talking to IT vendors such as Internet Service Providers, which is why we will talk to them for you. This includes other companies such as:

  • Copier companies
  • 3rd party software support
  • Telephony companies
  • Web hosting companies
  • CCTV suppliers etc.

Out of Hours Server Maintenance

Some providers will reboot your system or take your server down for maintenance in the middle of the day causing significant disruption and downtime. We do it after hours at no extra charge.

Initial Network Audit and Documentation

We like to make sure that we both have the correct and up-to-date information such as user names, 3rd party telephone numbers, server warranty expiry dates etc. This makes sure you get complete continuity of service.

Call for maintenance: 0117 244 3737

Help Desk

Unlimited Remote Support

We use sophisticated and fast remote software tools to help us diagnose and resolve your problem quickly.

Unlimited On-Site Support

If remote support is not sufficient we will come to you as often as is required with no limit or cap on time spent with you.

Unlimited Phone Support

Call us or email us as many times as you like with any sort of technological issues and we will help at no extra charge. No unexpected bills at the end of the month.

Guaranteed Emergency Response Time

Fast response when you really need it. We do this by making sure we always have the resources to help you and by using smart pro-active monitoring and management.

Emergency Server Down

We will be on-site within 2 hours – guaranteed.

Recovery of Server

In case of complete disaster we will provide a full recovery of your service at no extra charge.

Director or Designated Employee Home Network Support

We include support for remote users – this also includes support for their home network.

Call for support: 0117 244 3737